The premier educational and networking event focused on deploying advanced solutions to modernize our regional energy system

october 7-9, 2019 / Benaroya hall / seattle, wa


Organized Around Our Collective Grid Modernization Outcomes

Radical changes in energy sources, distribution systems and usage are surging through the electrical infrastructure of the region. To help all stakeholders move forward on modernizing our regional grid, Grid Forward (formerly Smart Grid Northwest) is sponsoring GridFWD 2019, an innovative collaborative event taking place at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Join leaders from regional and national utilities, solution providers, regulatory agencies, governments, labs and other stakeholders who are working together to promote and accelerate innovation across regional grid to create a reliable, resilient, affordable and low-carbon energy system.

WE’RE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE A DYNAMIC GROUP OF early confirmed speakers FOR gridfwd 2019:

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GridFWD 2019 comprises three interwoven themes that explore grid modernization across multiple dimensions: Best Practices in techniques and technology; Culture of Innovation, exploring the creation of an environment that welcomes and accelerates new ways of working; and Markets & Models, delving into regulatory and business frameworks that unleash the promise of new technologies and organizations.


best practices in technology

Success is out there. We’ll bring the best together under this theme: recent industry insights that address both lessons learned and concerns. The sessions will start with the broad assessment across transmission and distribution, and then dive into the current state of DERMS, DERs, interoperability, cybersecurity and more. Come participate in discussions about these and other topics:

  • Transformative trends in transmission & distribution

  • Mechanisms for increasing the resiliency of the grid

  • Progress towards Interoperability standards

  • Strategies for deep decarbonization

  • Competing forces driving to a real DERMS

  • Maximizing the value of DERs for customer satisfaction

  • Cybersecurity in a distributed energy world

The latest developments in Markets & Models

It takes more than software, sensors and switches to run the digital utility. External factors in the market impact progress for grid modernization and these dynamics are leading to developments in the ways that business is conducted. Take part in an exploration of the latest trends in business models and energy markets that support grid modernization, the expansion of renewable energy commitments, and the evolution of regulatory frameworks. Sessions will cover topics like these:

  • Getting started in the Energy Imbalance Market - updates from the field

  • How renewable energy commitments are shaping markets

  • Grid modernization and the platform economy - how new investments are reshaping market structures for utilities

  • The new infrastructure investment landscape - how non-wire alternatives compare with traditional investments

  • Regulation and Innovation - the latest in the push to evolve regulatory frameworks to embrace grid modernization

New! Culture of Innovation THEME

You can teach an old dog new ways to match customer expectations with organizational priorities. This theme will walk the walk, exploring ways of creating culture that embrace and support innovation, including discussions on how to shape the right teams and drive successful pilots into full deployment. Come share and delve into specific topics such as:

  • How to shape the right team & skills

  • Centralized and decentralized approaches to implementing change across an organization

  • The leadership and logistics necessary to redefine an organizational mission and align its operations accordingly.

  • Expanding successful pilot projects into full deployments

  • Leveraging data analytics to embrace the voice of the customer

  • How large-scale users have transformed transmission & distribution operations

Expanding on The Success and Quality of gridfwd 2018

The 2018 GridFWD event in Vancouver, BC attracted over 250 attendees from a diverse body of regional utilities and energy companies, technology and solution providers, universities, and dozens of regulators, government officers, NGOs, advocates and consultants.

GridFWD has brought together the right people to engage on the right critical topics at exactly the right time. Participating in 2018 helped our team meet a great cross-section of industry leaders and it is exciting to see everyone come together to push these important initiatives forward.” — Jamie Staples, Google


GridFWD 2019 will encompass a broader mix of topics while maintaining a focus on practical application—to help us collectively move our grid forward.

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Prior to the conference on October 8-9th, join us for workshops and tours on october 7th:

  • GridFWD Consumer Engagement workshop with Patty Durand, President & CEO of Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative

  • Site tours of Seattle City Light’s most recent projects, plus a look at innovations happening at the University of Washington Clean Energy Center.

Why attend GridFWD 2019?

  • Collaborate with regional and national utilities, solution providers, regulatory agencies, governments, labs and other stakeholders

  • Hear from regionally and nationally recognized keynote speakers

  • Take part in deep-dive technical sessions

  • Choose among themes on best practices, a culture of innovation, and markets & models

  • Join interactive sessions in innovative meeting space

  • Take in highly relevant training and tours on October 7

  • Become part of the momentum started in GridFWD 2018

  • Make new connections with experts to help your grid modernization projects

  • Play a role in the only major event focused on grid modernization in our region

Panelists from the GridFWD 2018 event: Mark Hormann, Yeye Zhang, Ryan Fedie and Teague Douglas.

Panelists from the GridFWD 2018 event: Mark Hormann, Yeye Zhang, Ryan Fedie and Teague Douglas.