The premier regional event about deploying advanced solutions to modernize the Northwest energy system

october 10-11, 2018 / Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel / Vancouver, BC

Registration is open


Bringing Together The Movers Who Are Reshaping The Northwest Electrical Grid

Radical changes in energy sources, distribution systems and usage are surging through the electrical infrastructure of the Northwest. To help all stakeholders move forward on modernizing our regional grid, Smart Grid Northwest is introducing the GridFWD 2018 event on October 10-11, 2018. Join leaders from regional utilities, solution providers, regulatory agencies and governments who are working together to effectively manage the region’s energy systems.

The Summit that Smart Grid Northwest organized in 2017 attracted over 90 speakers in two full tracks over two days. This year, we’ll dive into much more than just DR and energy storage! Join us.

Organized Around the Grid Modernization Outcomes We Are Pursuing Together


Multiple technology and implementation tracks

At GridFWD 2018, you will participate in practical discussions on how to best deploy and optimize technology and solutions here in our region. These tracks will be organized by outcomes that diverse regional stakeholders are working toward:

  • Building flexibility into the energy system
  • Increasing resiliency of the grid
  • Optimizing operational efficiency for grid managers
  • Assisting de-carbonization of energy mix and the wider economy

Within these tracks we will explore a host of technology solutions including:

  • Demand side management programs
  • Energy storage
  • DER integration
  • Advanced metering
  • Distribution automation
  • Voltage management
  • Various ways to leverage analytics
  • And much more

Two policy and market development tracks

Come share and discuss the policy and market mechanisms need to realize the full value of grid modernization value in the Northwest. These tracks will encompass keynotes, case studies and lessons learned, with policy and regulatory issues on one day and market, business and finance topics on the other.

 GridFWD 2018 will be held at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel on October 10-11.

GridFWD 2018 will be held at the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel on October 10-11.

Expanding on The Success and Quality of the 2017 Northwest DR & Energy Storage Summit

The 2017 Northwest DR & Energy Storage Summit attracted over 300 attendees from over 40 utilities and energy companies, 70 technology and solution providers and dozens of regulators, government officers, NGOs, advocates and consultants.

GridFWD 2018 will encompass a broader mix of topics while maintaining a focus on practical application—to help us collectively move our grid forward.

Many utilities in the region are going through similar efforts right now. Its very useful to come together to share lessons and think about creative solutions. Smart Grid NW has done an excellent job with its convened activities in recent years and we have gained a lot by being involved. GridFWD looks like it will take the conversation to the next level.
Smart Grid NW has brought together the right people to engage on these critical topics at exactly the right time. Participating in the Smart Grid NW has helped our team meet a great cross-section of industry leaders and it is exciting to see everyone come together to push these important initiatives forward.
The Smart Grid NW team does an excellent job bringing together a combination of practitioners from around the region and country with policy thought leaders. The conference organizers do a uniquely good job of getting panelists to translate lessons learned from their experience into the specific context of the energy sector in the Pacific Northwest.
We are looking forward to the event this year as it explores making real progress in areas such as resiliency and operational e ciency through developments in our grid infrastructure. These areas are core to the focus not only here at BC Hydro but also to many of the grid operators in the region.