Two Days Dedicated to the Grid Modernization Outcomes Most Important to the Pacific Northwest

Plus an opening day of Grid Modernization tours, exclusively available to GridFWD 2018 attendees


Explore Flexibility, Resiliency and Grid Modernization Policy


Go to School on One Topic or Pick and Choose From Three Exciting Tracks:

 Flexibility The NW energy system is facing pressures like never before so it's imperative to take a fresh look at how grid operators should procure, integrate and manage a wide array of solutions in order to manage the system’s dynamic conditions while accommodating customers’ needs.

  • What’s New in the Flexible Resource Zoo

  • Ops Dispatch & Program Development Working Together for DER Integration

  • Build, Buy or Partner: Finding the Best Path Forward to Add Flexibility

  • Virtually There: Taking the Next Step from DERs to VPPs

Resiliency Based on top areas of concern and emerging best practices in hardening energy systems, we’ll look at technologies and designs for damage prevention, efficient recovery when disturbances do occur, and survivability for catastrophic issues.

  • Building the Business Case for Resiliency

  • Deploying for Today and Preparing for Tomorrow

  • Managing Diverse Threats: Single Deployments, Multiple Uses

  • Energy Resiliency’s Broader Impacts on other Critical Infrastructures

GridMod Policy This track provides an exclusive focus on the market forces and opportunities that are changing the way Northwest utilities plan for, invest in and manage resources to meet evolving expectations of their customers.

  • Beyond Selling kWh: How to Incentivize Utility Offerings

  • Ensuring Customers Get Deep Value from Grid Modernization

  • Comparing Apples and Oranges: Building the Right Basket of Grid Solutions

  • The Road to Electric Transportation at Scale

in addition to track sessions, join us for discussions with Leading Experts in theSE Cross-Cutting Plenaries:

8:30am - Moving our GridFWD - Opening Remarks

  • Bryce Yonker, Executive Director, Smart Grid NW

  • Ajay Kumar, Director of Line Asset Planning, BC Hydro

9:00am - Making the Most from Grid Modernization Efforts

  • Ake Almgren, Board Chairman of PJM Interconnection

  • Steve Hambric, VP Distributed Energy Management with Itron

  • Travis Kavulla, Comissioner and Co-Chair of Montana PSC

  • Bud Vos, President & CEO of Enbala

  • Moderator: Vidya Vankayala, Director of Grid Modernization with Powertech Labs

12:30pm - Grid Innovation Speed Pitches

  • Laura Bryson, Co-Founder and COO of SWTCH

  • Matt Harper, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Avalon

  • Campbell Macdonald, CEO of Proxxi

  • Bill Gourley, VP of Sales & Business Development of ReWatt Power

  • Sce Pike, CEO & Founder of IOTAS

  • Jerry Schuman, Co-CEO of PingThings

  • Chris Tumpach, President & CEO of Rainforest Automation

  • Moderator: Wal Van Lierop, President & CEO of Chrysalix

3:30pm - Keeping up with the Pace of Change

  • Nancy Lange, Commissioner (Chair) of Minnesota PUC

  • Jennifer Potter, Commissioner of Hawaii PUC

  • Moderator: Julia Hamm, President & CEO, SEPA

4:15pm - Grid Modernization Impacts at Scale and Analytics in Practice

  • Kai Hui, OSI Consulting

  • Ankush Agarwal, Director of Advanced Analytics with Exelon Utilities

  • Andy Gay, Program Manager for Advanced Utility Analytics at GE

Followed by....

5:30pm - Evening Networking Social

After a full day of discussions, presentations, and learning, join us for our evening social on the 19th floor of the Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel. With an amazing view - and even better company - we look forward to seeing you there!

Some of our highlighted speakers


Dig Into Efficient Grid Ops, Electrification & Decarbonization, and Markets and Models


Three Concurrent Tracks give you options to ExplorE the Direction of the Northwest Grid:

Efficient Grid Ops Let’s examine the new opportunities to improve operations and optimize distribution system investments through deeper analytics, improved monitoring, more sophisticated planning and better use of available techniques and resources.

  • Getting Deep Value with Advanced Metering Data Sets

  • Voltage Management: Quick Wins for System Efficiency

  • Better Distribution System Monitoring and Sensors for Better Analytics

  • Optimizing Locational Value of Distribution System Modernization

Electrification & Decarbonization What new possibilities lie in the convergence of the electrification of the transportation, building and industrial sectors and major renewable energy commitments? Explore getting the most from the increasing mix of renewables in the NW.

  • The Changing Relationships, Challenges and Opportunities Within Renewable Energy Goals

  • Tales from the Edge: DERs in Action in the Northwest

  • Blockchain Enabling Modern Grid Services

  • The Road Ahead: Next Steps in Electrification to Expand Decarbonization

Markets and Models  How do policy goals need to evolve to help our region pursue newly defined opportunities and build the smarter energy system that benefits us all?


  • How to Finance Modernization: CAPEX, OPEX, or Something Else

  • Models for Funding EE and DR that Work

  • Strategies for Investing in Grid Innovation Bigger and Faster

  • Open Solutions and Standards: The Future to Utility Innovation


attend these key Plenaries that provide Strategic Direction to our grid:

8:30am - Tackling Major Decarbonization Targets & What it Means for Our Utility

  • Maria Pope, President & CEO of Portland General Electric, with opening remarks and introduction by Maureen Daschuk, SVP Integrated Planning with BC Hydro

9:00am - Expanding Regional Markets and Its Impact on our Grid 

  • Mark Rothleder, Vice President, Market Quality and Renewable Integration of California ISO

  • Mark Holman, Managing Director of Power with Powerex

  • Therese Hampton, Executive Director of Public Generating Pool

  • Moderator: Carl Linville, Principal with Regulatory Assistance Project

3pm - Consumer-Driven AI Technologies and Implications for the Grid

  • Jamie Staples, Energy Partnerships at Google, with an introduction by Leesa Lee, Vice President of Marketing at Bidgely

3:30pm - Moving Modernization Forward in the NW 

  • Larry Bekkedahl, VP Transmission & Distribution, Portland General Electric

  • David Lebeter, SVP Safety, BC Hydro

  • Carl Imhoff Manager, Electricity Market Sector Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Moderator: Bryce Yonker, Executive Director, Smart Grid NW

Some of our highlighted speakers