GridFWD 2018 Electrification & Decarbonization Track: October 11th


What new possibilities lie in the convergence of the electrification of the transportation, buildings and industrial sectors and major renewable energy commitments? Explore how we can get the most from the increasing mix of renewables in the Northwest.

8:30am - 10am

Enjoy opening sessions that will take a close look at Tackling Major Decarbonization Targets & What it Means for Our Utility (with Portland General Electric's CEO, Maria Pope).


The Changing Relationships, Challenges and Opportunities within Renewable Energy Goals

Electrification and renewable energy commitments by regions and by independent organizations (like major companies) have become drivers for technical advancements in the energy system. Northwest cities including Vancouver, Portland and Victoria have committed to 100% renewable energy goals, which will require specific targets for buildings, transportation and neighbourhood energy usage. At the same time, large corporate entities such as Google, Nike, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft are pursuing independent energy goals. This session will examine the evolving expectations cities and corporations will place on regional utilities and energy systems, as well as opportunities for helping customers achieve 100% clean energy for power, transportation and buildings.

  • Moderator: Matt Horne, Climate Policy Manager, City of Vancouver

  • Steve Young, Climate and Environmental Sustainability Specialist, City of Victoria

  • Bryan Hannegan, President and CEO, Holy Cross Energy

  • Ann McCabe, Executive Director of The Climate Registry & Former Commissioner, IL Commerce Commission  


Tales from the Edge: DERs in Action in the Northwest

It’s becoming clear that distributed energy resources (DERs) and advancements like solar+storage and EVs are going to play a significant role at our grid’s edge, just as they do in Hawaii, California and other regions. Join this session to hear directly from project developers and industry experts on lessons learned and best practices as we scale from thousands to hundreds of thousands of energy actors and prosumers.

  • Moderator: Tom Martin, TROVE (formerly of PG&E)

  • Ken Seiden, Managing Director, Navigant

  • Kate Desrochers, Initiatives Manager with Packetized Energy

  • Alan White, Chief Business Officer, eMotorwerks


Blockchain Enabling Modern Grid Services

Blockchain is defined as the new Internet layer of value, based on distributed ledger technology, that creates a decentralized peer to peer architecture without the need of centralized cloud computing servers.  Blockchain adds transparency, trustability and traceability to any asset class transaction (information/data and physical goods).  All assets and information can be authenticated, validated and registered in distributed ledgers.  While it is most widely known as the infrastructure on which Bitcoin runs, Blockchain has tremendous opportunity in the energy industry and grid modernization and it becomes the catalyst for the new transactive energy revolution.  This panel will explore these concepts, applications, standards and use cases of Blockchain in Grid Modernization. 

  • Dr. Claudio Lima, Vice Chair, IEEE Blockchain Standards and Chair, IEEE Blockchain in Energy Standards WG

  • Mike Ashley, VP,


The Road Ahead: Next Steps in Electrification to Expand Decarbonization

While EVs are becoming increasingly popular and market ready, they represent only one facet of the overall picture for modernizing the grid, pursuing renewable energy commitments and meeting carbon reduction targets. Innovations are consistently expanding energy options in smart buildings, industrial processes, mass transit and other large energy uses. Let’s look ahead to emerging opportunities and what they mean for our region

  • Moderator: Jae Mather, Executive Director, Clean Energy BC

  • Mark Frankel, Technical Director, New Buildings Institute

  • Mark Duvall, Director of Energy Utilization, EPRI

3:o0pm - 4:30pm

Wrap up the day and the event with an excellent Consumer-Driven AI Technologies and Implications for the Grid talk with Google, as well as the session on Moving Modernization Forward in the NW.