GridFWD 2018 Flexibility Track: October 10th


The NW energy system is facing pressures like never before. It's imperative to take a fresh look at how grid operators should procure, integrate and manage a wide array of solutions in order to manage the system’s dynamic conditions while accommodating customers’ needs.

8:30am - 10am

Get warmed up with stimulating opening sessions Moving our GridFWD and Making the Most from Grid Modernization Efforts.


What’s New in the Flexible Resource Zoo

There are your familiar flexibility attractions like DR and energy storage. Let’s visit the exotic section to see resources from the wild side: super capacitors and superchargers, cap banks, controllable water heaters, auto thermostats, and more. Do they change the equation for short-term capacity, and local or ancillary services in the Northwest? We’ll share case studies about how these new resources work and how to dispatch and operationalize them in your environment.

  • Moderator: Josh Keeling, Supervisor, Portland General Electric

  • Emilie Stone, Head of Product - Demand Management Solutions, Tendril

  • Conrad Eustis, Director of Retail Technology Development, Portland General Electric

  • Matt Duesterberg, CEO, OhmConnect

  • Ian Guerry, Vice President, New Market Development, ENGIE Services


Ops Dispatch & Program Development Working Together for DER Integration

As a variety of DERs contribute an increasing portion of the resource mix, T&D and power generation are beginning to meld. How can utilities enable the dynamic feedback needed to improve planning and operations for optimal flexibility? For answers, this panel will draw on real-world examples from the Northwest and beyond.

  • Moderator: Mark Hormann, VP, Business Development, Opus One

  • Yeye Zhang, Head of West Region Energy Partnerships, Nest

  • Ryan Fedie, Engineering Manager, Bonneville Power Administration

  • Teague Douglas, Demand Response Consultant, CLEAResult


Build, Buy or Partner: Finding the Best Path Forward to Add Flexibility

Today's energy marketplace is rife with unprecedented options for utilities and their customers. From consumer solar and EVs to commercial demand respond and power purchase agreements, the roadmap to greater flexibility is crowded with DERs and relationships that stretch current policies and regulations. See the different paths utilities are taking to balance internal and external options to increase flexibility as cost effectively as possible.

  • Moderator: Robin Maslowski, Associate Director, Navigant

  • Alex Tu, Sr. Strategic Technology Specialist, Energy Planning, BC Hydro

  • Rahul Kar, Head of Solutions, AutoGrid

  • John Gibson, Chief R&D Engineer, Avista


Virtually There: Taking the Next Step from DERs to Virtual Power Plants

How do we leverage all that is new and compelling (and weird) in the Northwest to build a portfolio with virtual capacity? In this session, our panel of planners from the utility and vendor sides will wrap up this track, looking at how we can connect resources and dispatchers to work together to optimize system flexibility.

  • Moderator: Graham Horn, VP, Business Development, Enbala

  • Jeremy Twitchell, Energy Research Analyst, Pacific Northwest National Labs

  • JP Batmale, Division Administrator, Oregon PUC

  • Smriti Mishra, Strategic Partnership Manager, National Grid

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Attend the general sessions on Keeping Up with the Pace of Change and Grid Modernization Impacts at Scale, plus Evolution of Energy Data and Where We Go From Here.


Join all of the GridFWD speakers and attendees at the social reception in the Vista Room on the 19th floor of the event location.