GridFWD 2018 Efficient Grid Ops Track: October 11th


Let’s examine the new opportunities to improve operations and optimize distribution system investments through deeper analytics, improved monitoring, more sophisticated planning, and better use of available techniques and resources.

8:30AM - 10AM

Enjoy opening sessions that will take a close look at Tackling Major Decarbonization Targets & What it Means for Our Utility (with Portland General Electric's CEO, Maria Pope).


Getting Deep Value with Advanced Metering Data Sets

The good news for grid modernization: AMI deployments are progressing across the region. The next challenge: what to do with all that metering data. There are a growing range of applications to help utilities improve customer service and enhance grid operations. This panel will unearth emerging best practices about the promising models to maximize AMI investments.

  • Moderator: John Gibson, Chief R&D Engineer, Avista

  • Jared Gregory, Product Marketing Manager - Electric Solutions, Sensus

  • Fiona Taylor, Director of Smart Technology Operations, BC Hydro

  • Mike Madrazo, Director of Product Management & Analytics, Itron

  • Tom Martin, Managing Director of Product Management, Energy & Utilities at Trove


Voltage Management: Quick Wins for System Efficiency

Voltage management is a low-risk, straightforward strategy for improving efficiency and dealing with short-term peaks. The devil’s in the details: control schemes, monitoring points, sensor technologies, communication infrastructure, triggering mechanisms, etc. With today’s new technologies and monitoring services, what models make voltage management work for customers and utilities here in the Pacific NW?

  • Moderator: Ronnie Sandoval, Sr. Director Grid Modernization, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

  • Michael Jung, Chief Policy Wonk, Varentec

  • Greg Paulson, Systems Operations Engineer, Avista

  • Shawn Dolan, VP Engineering, Kootenai Electric

  • Todd Headlee, Managing Director, Dominion Voltage Incorporated


Better Distribution System Monitoring And Sensors For Better Analytics

Garbage in, garbage out. Making more intelligent decisions with analytics depends on getting the right data from across the distribution system. Where in your infrastructure should you invest in monitoring? We’ll examine case studies targeting solutions for tracking electricity flow, voltage fluctuations and other conditions that impact resiliency, prevent power outages, and improve reliability.

  • Moderator: Mischa Steiner, CEO, Awesense

  • George Pohndorf, Sr. Manager Energy Services, SnoPUD

  • Chad Brady, Sr. Project Manager, Duke Energy

  • Ann Perreault, Director of Marketing, Honeywell


Optimizing Locational Value Of Distribution System Modernization

DERs and advanced grid technology connected to the bulk energy system can provide positive net value to the grid, such as avoided infrastructure investments, improved resilience, and increased integration of clean energy. Integrating and aggregating new technology and DERs requires new approaches to planning and deployment of distribution capacity. Listen in as this panel discusses approaches for pinpointing the location of new distribution investments to modernize energy systems and for comparing diverse technologies to find the best solution mix.

  • Moderator: Mark Higgins, COO, Strategen Consulting

  • Tuan Tran, Director of Engineering, Seattle City Light

  • Jennifer Potter, Commissioner, Hawaii PUC

  • Josh Bode, Owner & Principal Consultant, Demand Side Analytics

  • Martin Milani, CEO of Sunverge

3:00PM - 4:30PM

Wrap up the day and the event with an excellent Consumer-Driven AI Technologies and Implications for the Grid talk with Google, as well as the session on Moving Modernization Forward in the NW.