GridFWD 2019 Modernization Best Practices

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Success is out there. We’ll bring the best together under this theme: recent industry insights that address both lessons learned and concerns. The sessions will start with the broad assessment across transmission and distribution, and then dive into the current state of DERMS, DERs, interoperability, cybersecurity and more.

sessions on october 8

10:45AM - Where Will the Transformation Happen? Perspectives From Wholesale, Transmission, and Distribution.

Where are breakthroughs most likely to move the needle on the energy transition? Will it happen at customer sites with DERs or will low priced resources on the wholesale system save the day? This session will explore differing perspectives and talk about how different parts of the power system compete or compliment each other.

  • Moderator: Elta Kolo, Research Manager, Woods Mackenzie GTM

  • Randy Berry, Vice President, Utilities, OSI

  • Stefan Bird, President & CEO, Pacific Power

  • Mark Dyson, Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute

10:45AM - Who Will Actually Build a Real DERMS?

Cut through the noise and find out what's real in this DRMS vs ADMS vendor face off. Find out if ADMS vendors can bridge the gap to consumer assets or if DRMS vendors bring the consumers to the table. Or maybe they can learn to work together...?

  • Moderator: Rich Barone, Director, DR, Hawaiian Electric Company

  • Kyle Garton, Director of Product Development, AutoGrid

  • Sally Jacquemin, Sr. Director Distribution and Smart Grid, OSI

11:40AM - Oh DER!: Utilities and DER Providers Talk about How They Can Work Better Together

What can utilities learn from the best DER providers? What do DER providers need to know about how to successfully work with utilities? Explore the tussle between great program design for maximum customer satisfaction and maximizing the value of DER with experts from both sides of the table.

  • Moderator: Devin Hampton, VP Corporate Development, UtilityAPI

  • Obadiah Bartholomy, Manager, Distributed Energy Strategy, SMUD

  • Naren Yendluri, VP Engineering & Technology, Sunrun

  • Don McPhail, Solutions Lead for Demand Management, Uplight

2:25PM - Solution Matchmaker: What's the Celebrity DER Coupling?

There's a lot of conversation about DER couplings these days, from solar + storage to integrated DSM. But what pairing is the DER power couple that will help drive real results? This panel will feature a diverse set of experts explaining why they think they're the best resource matchmaker.

  • Moderator: Uzma Siddiqi, Engineering Supervisor, SCL

  • Lincoln Bleveans, Assistant General Manager/Power Supply, Burbank Water and Power

  • Andy Marshall, Practice Director, DER Management, Landis+Gyr

  • Dan Patry, Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs and Market Dev., Oracle

  • Jigar Shah, Manager, Distributed Energy & Grid Services, Electrify America

  • Speaker TBA

3:30PM - Deep Decarbonization Cage Match

It's Renewables vs EVs vs DER vs beneficial electrification in a drag-down, no-holds-barred respectful conversation on how we're going to get to a deeply decarbonized energy economy. Listen to practitioners and experts from across the spectrum explain where they're finding success cutting carbon.

  • Moderator: Scott Reeves, Senior Associate, Cadmus

  • Holly Braun, Energy Efficiency & Innovation Manager, NW Natural

  • Tina Jayaweera, Sr Energy Analyst, NWPCC

  • Bruce Nilles, Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute

  • Andrea Pratt, Climate & Transportation Policy Advisor, City of Seattle

5:00PM - Interoperability Deep Dive

Standards have not yielded the interoperability or coordination that they were expected to. Hear about pain points from the field and what standard setting institutions are doing to mitigate the issues.

  • Moderator: Chris Tumpach, President & CEO, Rainforest

  • Rolf Bienert, Technical Director, OpenADR

  • Shuli Goodman, Executive Director, LF Energy, Linux Foundation

sessions on october 9

9:30AM - Cybersecurity: How Can We Be Ready? And Ready For What?

There is a difference between a stolen credit card and an entire grid taken down. But is the risk real? How prepared is the distributed energy world to tackle the inevitable?

  • Moderator: Om Moolchandani, CIO, AutoGrid

  • Viral Trivedi, Sr. Director, Industrial Cybersecurity, GE

  • Rita Foster, Energy Sector Infrastructure Advisor, Idaho National Labs

  • Brian Foster, VP and GM, OT Security, Leo Cybersecurity

10:50AM - Where to Get a Toe Hold in Resilience: DA or DER? Customer or Grid? Microgrids or Minigrids?

We are facing unprecedented loss of base-load and flexible capacity resources in WECC at a time when we are adding ever more intermittent resources. Will this lead to crippling shortages and brownouts? Or can we leverage DER and the bulk markets in innovative ways to create the flexibility and resiliency we need?

  • Moderator: Rebecca Smith, Senior Policy Analyst, RPS + Renewable Energy Markets, Oregon Dept. of Energy

  • Will Rambo, Business Development Director, Power Engineers

  • Rajit Gadh, PhD, Professor & Director SMERC, UCLA

  • Kate Hawley, Associate Director, TRC

11:35AM - The Dilemma and Promise of Telecom for Grid Modernization

High bandwidth, secure data pathways are critical for the rollout of sensors, automation, and other smart devices on the modern grid.  To increase reliability and resilience, some utilities are making significant capital investments in building their own private communication networks, while others are choosing to work with traditional service providers to lease or use public fiber and wireless infrastructure.  Come explore the options, costs, and tradeoffs facing utilities as they grapple with the increasing need for communications capability.

  • Speakers TBA


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