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GridFWD 2018 Markets & Models Track: October 11th

8:30am - 10am

Get warmed up with stimulating opening sessions Tackling Major Decarbonization Targets & What it Means for Our Utility and Expanding Regional Markets and Its Impact on our Grid.


How to Finance Modernization: CAPEX, OPEX, or something else

A great deal of modernization deployments has been done with rate-based capitalized investments. The new era of solutions that are coming online often are required to be treated as operating expenses by grid operators (leaving little to no incentive to scale them). This discussion explores how financing for modernization can work for utility models and scale effectively.

  • Moderator: Travis Stevenson, CEO of JTS Consulting

  • Brett Henderson, Director, Finance & Accounting with FortisBC

  • Dan Patry, Sr. Manager Regulatory Affairs, Oracle

  • Gord Reynolds, COO & EVP Strategy at Spark Power


Models for Funding EE and DR that Work

From a cost perspective, demand-side resources are often the lowest price option. However, disincentives or organizational structures to scale these solutions within utilities can still exist. Hear from professionals at the front lines making demand-side programs that work -- technically, financially and culturally.

  • Moderator: Kerry Meade, Executive Director of Northwest Energy Efficiency Council

  • Dain Nestel, Director of West Business Development, Ecobee

  • Perry England, VP Building Performance, MacDonald Miller

  • George Pohndorf, Sr. Manager Energy Services, SnoPUD

  • John MacLean, President, Energy Efficiency Finance Corporation

  • Matt Bosch, Director, Strategic Partnerships, SparkFund


Strategies for Investing in Grid Innovation Bigger and Faster

Bringing solutions forward faster and at larger scale is critical. Beyond capitalized investments in infrastructure, what tools can utilities - and those collaborating with them - use to promote modernization and innovation in energy systems? This discussion explores the development of additional business lines, scaling of demonstrations toward full commercialization, equity investments into external companies, grants and project funding from outside agencies, and other options. 

  • Avra Durack, Director of Incubation, National Grid Ventures

  • Curt Kirkeby, Fellow and Engineer, Avista

  • Rustam Sengupta, Manager, Investments & Partnerships with Sustainable Development Technology Canada

  • Gerd Goette, Managing Director of Lupine Growth Advisors


Open Solutions and Standards: The Future to Utility Innovation

Technologies for grid systems have historically almost always been built on proprietary, closed solutions. Many other industries have embraced open protocols, standards and platforms and it seems the energy and utility industry is poised for deeper innovation that can be unlocked by embracing open sourced solutions.

  • Moderator: Curt Kirkeby, Fellow, Electrical Engineer at Avista

  • Aram Shumavon, CEO of Kevala Analytics

  • Ron Melton, Sr. Power Systems Engineer at PNNL

  • Devin Hampton, VP of Corporate Development, UtilityAPI

3:00pm - 4:30pm

Wrap up the day and the event with an excellent Consumer-Driven AI Technologies and Implications for the Grid talk with Google, as well as the session on Moving Modernization Forward in the NW.