GridFWD 2018 GridMod Policy Track: October 10th



8:30am - 10am

Get warmed up with stimulating opening sessions Moving our GridFWD and Making the Most from Grid Modernization Efforts.


Beyond Selling kWh: How to Incentivize Additional Utility Offerings

The model for regulated utilities has largely been the same for decades: sell electricity based on metered use and recoup costs of capital investments from all generation and distribution assets. Today, however, customers are interested in additional energy services such as DR energy storage and outcomes like more reliable or greener supply. So it’s time for a hard look at the expanded roles that utility grid operators can play to ensure future revenues, a robust system that manages diverse interests, and continued relevance with sophisticated energy consumers.

  • Moderator: Ron Nelson, Manager at Strategen Consulting

  • Jackie Ashley, Senior Regulatory Analyst, British Columbia UC

  • Jennifer Potter, Commissioner, Hawaii PUC

  • Elaine Prause, Sr. Regulatory Affairs Advisor, Oregon PUC


Ensuring Customers Get Deep Value from Grid Modernization

Modernization is happening in many places across regional energy systems. Sometimes the benefits to customers are not considered during initial planning and deployment, in part because of the difficulty in defining and delivering specific value. This session will unpack how to make sure that end customers get demonstrable benefits from various modernization deployments.

  • Moderator: Cameron Brooks, Vice President, Strategic Growth & Policy, Opus One Solutions

  • Michael Murray, President, Mission Data

  • Kristin Munsch, Deputy Director of Illinois CUB

  • Brad Williams, VP Utilities Strategy, Oracle


Comparing Apples and Oranges: Building the Right Basket of Grid Solutions

Today’s landscape in the energy space can be dizzying, with an ever-expanding array of generation and demand options. It’s important that the policy landscape allows utilities to leverage the pace of technology innovation, and that utilities are able to consider all possible options to meet their needs. This session will explore the opportunities and trade-offs in an expanded regulatory charter.

  • Moderator: Andrew Teliszewsky, Senior Director, Strategic Growth & Policy, Opus One

  • Nancy Lange, Commissioner (Chair) of Minnesota PUC

  • Amanda Klein, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel of Toronto Hydro

  • Roy Hrab, Director of Policy, Ontario Energy Association


The Road to Electric Transportation at Scale

Most of the distribution utilities in our region (and beyond) have seen essentially flat demand. The promise of electrified transportation seems to be one of the macro trends that could change this, and the potential is big. The U.S. Department of Energy recently stated that EVs could raise demand 38%, and the Northwest is seeing adoption faster than many regions. What is the best path for grid operators, working with many parties, to accommodate for this opportunity?

  • Moderator: Jeanette Shaw, Government Relations Director at Forth

  • Paul Wieringa, Executive Director Electricity Policy for BC Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources

  • Mark Warren, Director of Business Innovation with FortisBC

  • Thomas Ashley, VP Policy at Greenlots

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Attend the general sessions on the Keeping Up with the Pace of Change and Grid Modernization Impacts at Scale, plus Evolution of Energy Data and Where We Go From Here.


Join all of the GridFWD speakers and attendees at the social reception in the Vista Room on the 19th floor of the event location.

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